Preventive Archaeology

Ashley DUMAS
Sławomir KADROW

The aim of our commission’s activities is to exchange information and foster discussion about, broadly defined, preventive archaeology. One focus is on developing a modern understanding of the protection of archaeological heritage. The second is on rescue excavations of archaeological sites in development-led archaeology.

An aerial photograph of a large archaeological excavation.

The commission was established in 2017/2018 to continue the work of its predecessor, the UISPP’s Rescue Archaeology commission, led by the late Prof. Jerzy Gąssowski. Our commission brings together archaeologists from different countries, with the aim to share information and foster discussion about all aspects of preventive archaeology.

Our activities are concerned with:

  1. Legal frameworks for implementing preventive archaeology
  2. Organizational forms of preventive archaeology (including private contractors, local and state institutions)
  3. Successive stages and ways of organizing non-destructive surveys and rescue excavations
  4. Methods of non-destructive prospection, excavation and field documentation
  5. Scientific results from non-destructive surveys and rescue excavations
  6. The interdisciplinary dimension of preventive archaeology
  7. Storage of finds from rescue excavations
  8. Popularization of research results in digital and traditional media
  9. The role of preventive archaeology in spreading knowledge about archaeological and cultural heritage in society
  10. Lobbying at various levels of government institutions to improve the working conditions of preventive archaeology

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Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria (Italy)
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Società degli Archeologi Medievisti Italiani (Italy)
Ashley DUMAS
University of West Alabama (United States)
Scientia Consultoria Científica (Brazil)
Sławomir KADROW
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski (Poland)
Thomas SAILE
Universität Regensburg (Germany)