Institutional Membership

Institutional (affiliate) membership provides the following benefits:

  • 8 free full individual memberships
  • 5 free PhD student memberships
  • Membership of PhD student members in UISPP Scientific Commissions (one PhD student per institutional member per commission), to be mentored by commission members
  • Free access to all UISPP publications: proceedings of UISPP World Congresses, proceedings of inter-congress UISPP conferences, UISPP Journal
  • Free stall at UISPP World Congresses to promote your organization, institution or association
  • Institutional representative on the UISPP Executive Committee (non-voting member of the EC)
  • Promotion of your activities, publications, etc, via the UISPP newsfeed
  • At each UISPP World Congress, a lunch organized by the UISPP board for all representatives of institutional members, as an opportunity to discuss future trends within the Union directly with members of the board

The institutional (affiliate) membership fee is 1500 € per three-year membership period (payable either as a single payment or in annual instalments of 500 €).

If you are interested in taking out an institutional membership with the UISPP, please submit you expression of interest (including the filled-in form available for download below) via the 'Contact' page of this website.


UISPP Institutional Membership Form
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